If Pubs Did a Baby Quiz

Let's face it, its going to be a little while until your brain is going to be full of anything other than worry for your baby, so we thought, if only pubs did pub quizzes on new born babies, we'd all stand a pretty good chance of winning!

In case the day ever comes, when we can use of immense new found knowledge of new born babies, here are a few fun facts to add to your memory repertoire:

1) According to science, you are addicted to their smell

 A University of Montreal study looked at the brains of 15 new mums and found the smell of a newborn brought out the same pleasure and sense of craving that food does when we’re hungry.

2) It's completely normal for their hair to fall out

Your little one may have a shock of black hair now – but it won’t necessarily stay that way. It can fall out altogether in the first few weeks, then grow back over the next year, or go from straight to curly in months.

3) Birthmarks occur during labour

Birthmarks are common and come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. ‘These occur when the tiny blood vessels under the skin are dilated during labour,’ says paediatrician Dr Martin Ward Platt. ‘Certain types may not appear for several days or weeks after birth, but most go away in the first few years.’

4) You can coordinate heart rates if you both look into each other's eyes

That was a discovery made by a team at an Israeli university, which found that when a mum and new born faced and looked each other in the eye, their heart rates co-ordinated in seconds

5) The're born with around 70 natural reflexes

Around 70 of them. These are primitive and down to evolution, including things like sucking and stepping – if you support your baby upright with his feet on a flat surface, his legs will work with a stepping motion. He obviously can’t walk now but may be born with a knowledge of how to for when he’s older.

6) They will instinctively seek out your boob for breastfeeding

A research team discovered that if a newborn is left on his mother’s chest after birth, he’ll eventually crawl up and find her breast to feed, guided by her smell. Incredible, right? He also has a Rooting reflex – if you stroke his cheek, he’ll turn in that direction with his mouth open ready to feed.

7) They will know your pregnancy playlist

Babies recognise songs they hear in the womb for up to four months after birth, according to University of Helsinki research.

8) A newborn can recognise his mum's voice from just one syllable

It activates an area of his brain associated with language processing, meaning mum's input is vital for speech development.

9) They cry with your accent

Yes, really. A team from the University of Würzburg in Germany found that babies pick up their mum’s native tongue in the last three months of pregnancy and reflect characteristics of the language in the pattern of their crying after birth.  

10) Your baby’s head makes up a quarter of his total body length right now

His brain takes up 10 per cent of his total body weight. The rest of him is growing to catch up.


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